Thoughtfully Sourced.

We are committed to bringing you the freshest possible fish in the most environmentally friendly way. We are constantly assessing our ecological impact and are leading the way on sustainability

We care about where our fish comes from and we won’t settle for less than the very best.

We’ve been sourcing and preparing fish for over a century. Our valued relationships at the fishmarkets and with the fishermen are built on mutual respect which means we can bring you the freshest high-quality fish, straight from the British Coastline and beyond.

Best of the British Coastline.

The best fish has the shortest and quickest journey possible from ocean to plate. That’s why most of our fish comes straight from the dayboats via the coastal markets at Brixham, Newlyn and other coastal fishing ports to be sold to you the very next day.

Responsibly Sourced.

Not only do we want to deliver the best quality fish, but we also aim to have as minimal impact on the ocean and our planet as possible. For this reason, we also supply farmed fish sourced only from the very best ocean enclosures around the world. We ensure that any fish we purchase in the UK are from RSPCA monitored farms, and outside UK waters are under strict EU regulations.

Case Study

Salmon from the Faroe Islands

Salmon is one of the most popular fish we sell, and we simply couldn’t keep up with the demand without having a negative impact on wild populations. So we turned to our friends in the Faroe Islands.

Not only do the cold North Atlantic currents give these fish farms a near-ideal starting point to raise salmon, but their dedication to protecting the environment and providing full traceability for both the fish and their feed makes this salmon some of the most responsibly raised seafood available.