Setting Standards Since 1895

For 125 years, our fish shop has been an integral part of the Islington Community. Things have changed a bit over the years, but we are just as committed to providing the freshest, high-quality fish to our customers whilst adhering to strong ethical guidelines as we ever were.

Designed For Excellence.

Ever wondered why our shop doesn’t smell a bit ‘fishy’ like other fishmongers do? It’s because we’re designed not to.

When our building burnt down in 2007, we were able to design the perfect environment for storing and selling fish. From drainage below ground, to airflow above ground, we are confident there is nowhere better suited to provide the best fish and seafood to the local community than our shop.

With controllable airflow, purpose-built stainless steel counters and optimum refrigeration conditions -there’s a lot more to our humble shop than meets the eye.

Adapted For Change

We haven’t been around for 125 years by chance.

Working in the fish industry is like being a plucky salmon swimming upstream fighting the freezing currents, only the strongest survive. For us, this comes down to a passion for what we do and our adaptability to change.

From changing regulations, to the impact of climate change we refuse to rest on our laurels. We are constantly questioning the way we do business and what that means for our customers, our staff and our planet.

To find out more about our work on sustainability, take a look here.

Sustainability Promise