Fresh Fish for Every Season.

Good for you, good for the planet.

We believe in supporting a sustainable ecology, bringing the freshest fish from the British Coastline to the Islington community with the smallest ecological footprint as possible. We pay a premium to purchase the freshest (and tastiest!) fish off the dayboats to ensure all of our fish can stay fresh in your fridge for 2 – 3 days.

Our Sustainability commitment translates into 3 areas.

Sustainable Sourcing

Plastic Use

Waste Reduction

Sourcing Fish: Wild vs Farmed.

Wherever possible, we aim to supply wild fish to our customers straight off the dayboats. As experienced fishmongers, however, we know that in some cases the more ecologically friendly option is to instead source fish from farms. What this doesn’t mean is that we lower our standards. We ensure that any fish we purchase in the UK are from RSPCA monitored farms, and outside UK waters are under strict EU regulations.

Likewise, when we purchase farmed fish, we can instantly tell the quality of the feed and the waters they are from. We never accept anything that doesn’t meet our high standards. We only source farmed fish from our trusted suppliers and sell only what we consider to be the best of the best.

Learn more about where we source our fish here:

Our Suppliers

Single-Use Plastic.

The issue of single-use plastic is a complex one. At Steve Hatt, we are doing our best to tackle this problem whilst still recognising the reality of serving our customers in the best way.

After consultations with both our customers and with the Royal College of Arts, we now supply all of our customers with cotton, wax-lined re-usable bags free of charge. We have also swapped out our greaseproof paper for a heavier grade to help keep the transportation of our fish to your home as fuss-free as possible.

However, no issue is black and white and we knew that the amount of paper required to prevent your freshly purchased fish from becoming a soggy mess by the time you arrived home would have caused more harm than good. We do still supply heavy-duty plastic bags but are passionate advocates of re-use.

In fact, we love it when our customers bring along their own Tupperware!

Minimising Waste.

Selling fresh produce inevitably comes with a waste problem. Our experience of selling fish over the years has meant we are able to fairly accurately balance supply and demand – however life is anything but predictable.

To solve this problem, we have connected with local charities to ensure that any fish left unsold or that doesn’t quite meet our exacting standards for sale doesn’t get thrown away. Instead, we give to those in need what would usually end up in the bin. Good for our customers, good for our community, good for our planet.


Let’s Talk

Understanding the best way to protect our planet is a complex and evolving issue. We welcome conversation around these issues and are constantly looking for ways to improve and adapt to the changing needs of our planet.